Service Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central

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A centralized administration hub is becoming more essential in the modern age. All companies and franchises can benefit from the features that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform offers.

Whether your business is heavy on inventory or you are doing everything digitally with a focus on billable time and project management, it is right for you to know just what Dynamics 365 Business Central can bring you. One of the major benefits is service management.

High Level Service Management Functions in Business Central

Top companies in every industry place a preference on providing high quality customer service. Branding this customer service experience has become almost as important as having it, since word spreads much faster on the Internet about bad experiences.

Scaling customer service can become quite a chore if you are trying to move from Excel sheets into a more sophisticated system. Unless the system is holistic, you may find yourself having to launch multiple platforms, jump through different systems and dig around for notes on cases. Fully integrated suites are the best type, with the main concern being that they are too expensive an upfront cost.

Dynamics 365 Service Management

Business Central brings companies the best of all worlds – a holistic system with a high level of business intelligence features at a low cost. The learning curve is also quite achievable even for administrators who have been working with Excel and Access; these administrators should feel right at home with the most important parts of the system.

Dynamics 365 Business Central also allows a business to get out ahead of issues. For example, the platform can be easily used to send out six-month reminders to dental patients and to keep up with late payments from this same customer base. These may not seem like service features at first; however, when you think about how much time your in-house staff saves with these functions automated and organized, you really do start to see a real advantage in your schedule when the unexpected emergencies do occur and you have time to handle them.

Why Should You Care About Service Management?

Service is not a profit center for any company – its benefits are long term. The Service Management features in Business Central help ensure that your service costs are kept low to allow your business to prosper and grow for many years.

Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you align service related KPIs to your overall goals. Advantages here include the generation of profitable service contract agreements and opportunities to lower costs through preventive maintenance. Just as importantly, your company can monitor service expenses closely, lower those costs and fixate on the specific R&D to eliminate those product weaknesses in the future.

Dynamics 365 Service Management

In many cases, improved service management leads to improved product quality and company branding. Business Central includes features that can help you improve time and field management through the mobilization of field service data entry. Better individual order planning and trend analysis reduces costs of service and motivates the company to study its own mistakes for increased profit in the future.

Regardless of industry, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides the centralized and customizable platform that every business needs to compete in the modern business landscape. The user interface is flexible enough to scale a business end to end in the SMB spectrum – from microbusiness startup all the way to international supplier.

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