How Many Trees Have These 4 Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Saved?

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According to my research, “1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper.” That means that using Microsoft Dynamics GP has helped these four companies, over the years, save…..a bunch of trees. And every tree saved is a win, right? Perhaps more impactful, saving all of this paper also helped these companies save a tremendous amount of time (and file box space).

Church Homes: Stopped Printing 75,000 Pages a Year

“At one point on our AS400 system, between GL activity Fixed Asset and Payroll reports, I calculated that we printed 75,000 pages annually.  Now we don’t print anything, we just save to PDF in Dynamics GP. Plus, we no longer need to look in physical binders to get historical data. Now the reports are searchable and everybody can access them.”

IMP: Online SSRS Portal Saves 3 Days and 500 Sheets of Paper Monthly

IMP needed a way for its 35 outside sales reps to see their commission data in real time. In the past, checks were mailed out monthly with a consolidation report to show their commission calculation and a second report of new invoices in the system. It took one IMP employee three days each month to print, sort, staple, stuff, and mail the 500+ pages.

Rich Larkin, an experienced Microsoft Dynamics GP user, decided to build an online portal using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). The sales reps now receive their checks electronically via ACH transfer, then securely log into the online site to see how their checks were calculated. “Microsoft Dynamics GP is so flexible. The SSRS report was up and running in about a week,” says Larkin.

Beekley: Paperless Process Creates Stress Free Environment

“We’ve taken our process green by implementing a paperless process using the PaperSave add-on product.  This has created a stress-free environment for our associates and has allowed them to participate in continuous training for providing world-class customer care to our customers.”

 Russell Sage Foundation: Integration Saves a Lot of Time and a Lot of Paper

“In the past, one of the accountants would print out all of the payments that we’d made, hand write the check numbers, and then walk it over to me in the grants management office. It took 2 days each month to enter and re-enter the payments in both systems. Now it takes just five minutes.  I also used to spend so much time printing out documents for the finance team, and now they can log in to the system and view them. It saves us a lot of time and a lot of paper. The import/export also reduces the risk of manual error.”

How many trees does your company use every year? Could changing your business processes make an impact?

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