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As Microsoft ERP evolves, so does the future of metals technology

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    Crowe Metals Software with Microsoft ERP

    When Microsoft announced its vision to deploy regular and consistent updates for users, many ISV and add-on providers knew a rapid pivot was needed.

    At Crowe, we viewed this news as an opportunity to deliver an even better customer experience for our fully-embedded Dynamics 365 product, Crowe Metals Accelerator. With our latest 8.1.2 release, some of the features and highlights include:

    • Crowe Metals Accelerator is now fully extended and ready for Microsoft’s “One Version” business application approach
    • The addition of a production scheduling workbench to improve machine-level performance visibility and simplify shop floor scheduling
    • Test calibration tracking for spectrometers, micrometers, scales, go / no-go gauges and other test instruments


    Crowe Metals ERP


    But we’re not stopping there. The future of technology in metals is ever-changing and we are making strides to create specific offerings that advance the benefits our users’ experience:

    • Metals-specific analytics using the out of the box connection between Dynamics 365 and Power BI
    • New metals subsector specialization, including pipe & tube, commodities, and wire to allow more companies in the metals value chain to take advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise platform
    • Improving automation to help companies more quickly realize the benefits of their investment in a new ERP platform

    We’re proud to be on the leading edge of Microsoft’s Business Application partner network and look forward to continuing to bring the best experience for our users. For more information on our latest CMA release, email us today.

    Andrew Callaghan


    Crowe LLP

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