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What do Ironman Triathlons & ERP Implementations Have in Common?

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ERP and Ironman share similar traits

After completing my Ironman70.3, I had a brief conversation with my training coach. She guided me over the past 6-7 months from a weekend warrior cyclist and an irregular runner to a Triathlete who completed a 1.2 Mile Swim, 56 Mile Bike Ride, and a 13.1 Mile run in 6:21 hours according to plan, or as we call it in ERP implementations - on time and on budget. I thanked her for all her guidance, advise, concern, and overall care through these months in which we got to know each other better. The question of "What's next?" came up; it made me feel  the same after going through an ERP implementation and that feeling of "what do we do after the go-live?"

Crossing the Go-Live Finish Line

I felt that now I had reached the end of this training journey, I probably could walk on my own. Handling my own schedule, and based on the repetitive nature of the exercises, I could probably keep on improving myself. I had these thoughts before, after previous races a few years ago. At that time I quickly realized that going on your own is not always the best. Having a group around you that supports, guides, trains and races with you is truly a better approach.

We at Crowe believe ERP and CRM implementation projects are very similar to an Ironman Triathlon. It takes dedication and hard work to cross the "finish line" of a go-live, and while you can maintain and support a lot yourself, paid expertise is always better than free and googled advice. Your business health, much like your personal health, always benefits from a team effort. In fact, while on the flight home from the Ironman, I sat near a triathlete who under-performed and injured himself during the race, simply by "winging it."

Build a Team for your Business Health After Go-Live

Going live on your ERP platform is really the end of Phase 1. Keeping your system running at its peak performance is one of our main skills here at Crowe. Our support team has years of hands-on experience with implementing Dynamics AX and D365 in different industries across the overall ERP business spectrum. Moreover, our support team can help guide you into a next phase for your business beyond ERP ;  areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Mixed Reality, and Guided Analytics are just a few of the many opportunities to help leverage the maximum investment out of your ERP system.

Endurance is Key

Endurance is everything in long distance racing like the Ironman. Similar to ERP projects, the preparation, strategy, stamina, and support (or lack thereof) define how your business reaches its goals. So think about how you want to reach that next goal and check with us, how we can help with upgrades, adjustments, support, customization, and implementations of your ERP, CRM and Azure environments, as well as those areas that are beyond ERP.

Ronald Haantjes

Crowe Support Services for Microsoft 

Crowe LLP

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