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Product Configurators for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has really only been available since April of 2018 as a fully capable manufacturing ERP system. After just 8 months we have 4 product configurator products that are currently integrated!  This doesn't touch on the dozens more that are already integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV also. I've broken down the product configurators that are available for Dynamics 365 Business Central to give you an idea of what to expect from each of the options.

    Business Central Product Configurators



    Experlogix has been designing and developing product configurators for years.  They have always been focused on providing a top tier solution for Microsoft Dynamics (all the many flavors) and were one of the first solutions to support Dynamics 365 Business Central.


    e-Con CPQ

    eCon CPQ is another example of a premier Configure/Price/Quote tool for Microsoft Dynamics.  Like Experlogix, eCon has been around a long time and is focused on supporting the Dynamics ecosystem with product configurator functions.


    Insightworks Configurator

    If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive configurator that's built into the Dynamics 365 Business Central product, look no further than InsightWorks Configurator.  This no-frills configurator isn't rules-based - but works great for organizations where the configuration is based on the selected items and parts that make up the finished item.


    SimCrest Product Configurator

    This fully rules-based product configurator is built into the Microsoft Dynamics product and administered directly within Business Central.  If you are looking for a fully integrated, built-in rules-based configurator make sure you look at SimCrest.


    For more information on product configurators, check out our latest blog on the 6 product configurator benefits, or our latest vlog here!

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