Harnessing the Power of AI: 6 Strategies for Asset Management Firms

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Take Advantage of AI with the Help of Dynamics 365

No matter what industry you’re in, one thing always holds true: you have to stay ahead of the competition. Particularly when it comes to the asset management industry, your firm has to do everything it can to keep a competitive edge.

How can you gain that edge? For one thing, your firm needs access to key data insights. If you don’t know how your interaction with various broker dealers, advisors, or branch offices are impacting your bottom line, how can you make informed strategic decisions? Chasing down RFPs can be laborious, and you need to ensure that you’re making the right choices when it comes to which proposals you prioritize.

One of the most important data sets you’ll need to analyze revolves around your relationship with various accounts -- especially when it comes to meeting with those accounts in person. How do you ensure that you’re setting up these meetings so as to optimize resources?

You need the right data in order to make these sorts of decisions. But there’s a problem with having lots of data: your account managers have to wade through it all, and that takes up valuable time.

While all of this can sound overwhelming, we’ve got good news. You can put together the data you need and analyze it effectively, all while still saving huge amounts of time. How? With the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Are you convinced that AI is too complicated to implement in your business’ day-to-day operations? Believe it or not, there are AI tools available to you via Dynamics 365. Accessing them is easier than you might think.

The six videos below will show you how Dynamics 365 ERP can harness the power of AI, all with just a few clicks of your mouse.

  1. Manage Retail and Wholesale Using AI

Struggling to keep up with the continual stream of data coming from sales and trades? AI can help you sift through it strategically and efficiently.

  1. AI for RFPs and Pipelines

Now more than ever, evaluating RFPs and other sales opportunities is a time consuming and laborious process. There’s a ton of data to analyze, and you need to be sure you’re pursuing the right leads. AI can help.

  1. Plan Trips More Effectively with AI

Your wholesalers need to visit the right clients, in the right order, at the right time. Putting together the optimal strategy isn’t just time consuming: for an account manager with their own biases at play, it’s next to impossible. But with AI, you can ensure that your account managers meet with clients strategically to maximize ROI.

  1. Manage and Schedule Client Meetings Using AI

Once you know which clients and prospects to meet with, your wholesalers and account managers have to decide where and when to schedule meetings. And once those meetings are underway, it’s essential to take note of actionable insights and details. AI can streamline this process, freeing up your account managers to do what they do best: interact with clients.

  1. Use AI to Optimize Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to marketing, there’s more data available than ever before. But is your marketing department really taking advantage of all this data? Are your current marketing campaigns fully optimized? With AI, you’ll gain access to the insights you need to ensure that you’re spending your marketing dollars effectively.

  1. Using AI for Enterprise Reporting

Asset management firms are faced with a mountain of data to collect, organize, and analyze. The task can be overwhelming. What’s the best way to assemble your data into manageable, informative reports? With the help of AI and Dynamics 365 ERP, you can filter data into reports that work for your company.
By taking advantage of the power of AI in combination with Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can increase ROI and help your firm grow. Ready to learn more about what AI can do for your business? Talk to a Financial Services expert at AKA Enterprise Solutions now.

AKA specializes in making it easier to do business, simplifying processes and reducing risks. With agility, expertise, and original industry solutions, we embrace projects other technology firms avoid—regardless of their complexity. As a true strategic partner, we help organizations slay the dragons that are keeping them from innovating their way to greatness. Call us at 212-502-3900!

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