Can't Touch This: MetaViewer debuts Touchless Invoice Processing

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This year, we launched MetaViewer 7, the newest version of our state-of-the-art document management/paperless automation solution. This new edition also features Touchless Invoice Processing for Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 and GP. Yes, completely touchless!

MetaViewer 7 brings even more automation to the workplace with immediate feedback from duplicate checking with companies’ ERP solutions. Users no longer need to schedule tasks to be run – MetaViewer 7’s RPA capabilities run tasks constantly and automatically to keep processes streamlined, reduce document processing steps, and eliminate human intervention. MetaViewer 7 is also built on the Windows Workflow Foundation, offering more configuration capabilities, as well as robust, efficient and fast functionality.

MetaViewer 7 also features Touchless Invoice Processing for Microsoft Dynamics users. The pinnacle of RPA technology, this functionality processes PO documents and routes them through workflow steps – based on pre-determined rules – without any human intervention needed, freeing up your team to work on more pertinent and less menial tasks. Touchless Invoice Processing matches POs in users’ Microsoft Dynamics solution and runs through a set of evaluation rules to determine whether the PO matches corresponding documents within the system. The PO is then routed directly to Microsoft Dynamics. The system runs rules against the corresponding invoice in Microsoft Dynamics, checking whether it is a current invoice, a duplicate invoice, is open against a PO and other pre-defined evaluation rules as determined by your company. If the PO passes each rule, it is automatically routed to Dynamics. If it fails any of the evaluation rules, users receive a report and are able to manually reconcile the PO.

Want to learn more about MetaViewer 7 and Touchless Invoice Processing? Read the full press release, catch a no-cost webinar or drop us a line at [email protected]

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