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Five Benefits of integrating Magento and MS Dynamics AX

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Magento has always been the go to e-commerce platform for retailers looking for scalability and performance. It is open source, easy to customize and easy to integrate with. MS Dynamics AX is an ERP known for its e-commerce features par excellence. It is a preferred ERP for many large corporates and mid-size businesses spanning various domains.

Some of the features of Microsoft Dynamics AX that make it stand apart from its contemporaries are.

  1. Excellent growth drivers

    Some of the features of MS Dynamics AX that are pitch perfect for e-commerce are:

    • Its ability to operate in multiple domains related to B2B and B2C e-commerce. This single platform gives the users ease of accessing data from a single window.
    • Its ability to handle multiple currency, calculating taxes and payments. Dynamics AX is often preferred for these features.
  2. Sales and Marketing Management

    This is another feature of Dynamics AX, which is another robust e-commerce centric feature. This handles all the critical aspects related to business such as

    • Customer self-service portal
    • Ease of managing sales documents
    • Ease of managing lead status and opportunities
  3. Easy Supply chain management

    Supply management is another great feature of Dynamics AX relatable to e-commerce retailers. Dynamics AX ERP makes procurement and placement of materials, tracking the inventory easy through these modules.

    • Inventory Management
    • Multiple warehouse management
    • Managing order handling with trade agreements
    • Ability to plan distribution by assessing multiple channels from a single window
  4. Forecasting and Analytics

    What good is an e-commerce business, which cannot analyze, project and forecast its future course correctly. Dynamics AX has just the right features that help e-commerce operations to get over this hurdle efficiently. Some of the features related to this function are

    • Getting standard and analytical reports from Microsoft SQL Server reporting services
    • Data cube feature of Dynamics AX is a great analytics reporting tool to calculate KPI’s

Combining the features of Magento platform and Dynamics AX ERP would pave way for many benefits for your e-commerce operations.

  1. Better operational control

    Any e-commerce operation will eventually scale. This includes managing multiple warehouses, operating in diverse geographies, managing multiple sales channels etc. An integration between Magento e-commerce and Dynamics AX gives you great operational control.
    The integration provides a single-window view of your inventory stocked in your multiple warehouses, assessing which sales channel is performing better, assessing which product goes for which geography etc. This operational efficiency aids in driving increasing business, be it B2B or B2C.

  2. Error free experience

    Operations can badly effect an online store’s revenue. E-commerce information is sensitive in nature like financial details, customer addresses, product specifications and descriptions. A business must handle these details with necessary care. This challenge can be solved and a process can be set in place with Magento Dynamics AX integration. The product details, specifications, attributes are all synced back to your Magento store along with the addresses and customer information vice versa.
    This greatly reduces the manual intervention that goes into entering information. All said and done there is always scope for error creep where manual intervention is required. The error free experience provided by Magento Dynamics AX integration leads to a positive tick in customer experience and brand image. Resulting in repeat purchase and even positive word of mouth reviews for your e-commerce brand.

  3. Doing away with mundane tasks

    E-commerce operation requires the best of minds and you will want your team to focus on building business. With increase in your operational size and order volumes, manual processing of orders quickly becomes a bottleneck.
    Magento Dynamics AX integration drastically cuts down on the resource time that goes into entering all the product, inventory, customer details manually. With the integration in place, your team’s time is freed and can be put to strategizing ways to market and sell your products or services. This brings down mundane and repetitive tasks and helps you grown without hindrances.

  4. Reducing costs

    Every business likes cutting down on operational costs. The domino effect even filters down to reduction in operational costs due to Magento Dynamics AX integration.
    The first you see cost coming down is when your team’s time is freed. That means no overtime pay for your overworked employees.
    The integration achieves the ability to cut inventory costs as sales information is updated in the both the systems. As soon as an order comes in, the updates are reflected in the accounting, invoicing and shipping modules of the Dynamics AX ERP.
    This helps your business to keep a better track the stock that is required to keep on hand. Ordering more inventory in advance based on requirement is made easier. Magento Dynamics AX integration achieves unnecessary expenditure due to last minute inventory stocking.

  5. Positive tick in customer experience

    Customer experience is the ultimate benefit of having Magento Dynamics AX integration. The integration will allow your customers receive all updates regarding date of expected delivery, order processing status, shipping details, tracking id, etc.
    Information such as product information, availability of inventory, stock in hand is reflected back on channels where you sell. All these lead to a seamless experience and a positive uptick in the customer experience and a great shout out to your brand.


We at i95Dev feel both Magento e-commerce platform and the Dynamics AX ERP are flawless systems. Combining both these platforms not only provide a great working combination but packs quite a punch to power e-commerce.

We have deployed numerous of our Magento Dynamics AX integrations since 2000. Contact us to know more about our products and services or visit our website.

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