Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations: Viewing Purchase Requisitions

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If you are utilizing purchase requisition functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and have enabled automatic conversion to purchase order upon requisition approval, there may be certain circumstances which prevent the requisition from automatically being converted to a purchase order. This blog post demonstrates how the table browser tool can be beneficial in quickly identifying issues which can cause a purchase requisition to be “stuck” in approved status.

Once a purchase requisition is approved in the workflow, the status of the requisition will be updated from “In review” to “Approved”. The approved purchase requisition can then be automatically converted to a purchase order (this can be configured to occur automatically or as a scheduled batch job). The requisition status will then be updated to “Closed” to indicate that a purchase order has been generated.

A purchase requisition may be prevented from being converted to a purchase order automatically if changes in the system are made between creation and approval of the requisition such as a vendor being placed on hold or an accounting period being closed when budget control is enabled.

If a requisition is approved but not converted to a purchase order, you can view the associated error message on each purchase requisition line.

To view the error message on the purchase requisition line, open the purchase requisition record.

In the purchase requisition lines grid, hover your cursor over the red x symbol in the Valid column.

The table browser tool can be utilized to easily view all purchase requisition line errors without having to open each purchase requisition record individually.

To use the table browser tool, log into Dynamics.

In the URL on your browser, replace everything after with the following: ?mi=SysTableBrowser&TableName=PurchReqLineProcessingError&cmp=USMF&lng=en-us&limitednav=true

*Be sure to replace the company in the URL. In this example, the company is USMF.

URL example:

The URL will open the browser to the PurchReqLineProcessingError table. In this table, you can view all errors associated with purchase requisition lines.

Using this handy tool will allow you to more efficiently identify requisition errors and investigate issues.

Some issues can be resolved by updating the approved requisition, canceling the requisition, or updating a vendor record if the vendor had been inadvertently placed on hold. You can also navigate to the “Release approved purchase requisitions” list page [Procurement and Sourcing > Purchase requisitions > Approved purchase requisition processing > Release approved purchase requisitions] to address issues such as an approved purchase requisition line with no vendor selected or a network disruption which prevented the purchase requisition from being converted to a purchase order.


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