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AI and the Cloud: Making Your ERP into a Platform

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Most business owners have heard of Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP. First introduced in the early 90s, ERP software products help businesses streamline financial and operational processes. Many organizations use ERP products, but there’s one big issue: the ERP systems of many businesses are still stuck in the 90s.



If you’re shopping for a new ERP, educate yourself on just how much an Enterprise Resource Planning solution can do these days. Two differences between the ERP software of the 1990s and today are game changers: AI and the Cloud. The state of these software solutions is shifting, and cloud vendors like Microsoft are helping customers make the most of this incredible technology by bringing together ERP software and AI, business intelligence, infrastructure, and database services all in one convenient package.

Free Up Resource Bandwidth with AI in the Cloud

Possibilities are limitless with artificial intelligence, and an ERP with AI allows you to harness the power of this technology and get a higher return on time for your employees. Machine learning can automate tasks that would be otherwise manual and repetitive, including: cashflow forecasting, bank reconciliation, customer service responses, and AP automation. AI is already being heavily incorporated into ERP products like Dynamics 365.

You can take AI to an even higher level with ERP software and AI in the Cloud. Microsoft Azure includes bots and cognitive services to automate dozens of tasks and cut out the need for human intervention entirely. Using AI in the Cloud, robotic process automation is being integrated into every industry, and an implementation partner like AKA Enterprise Solutions will be able to give you relevant examples of how these processes are being used in yours.

As your ERP software is integrated with AI and more of your processes are done automatically, the day-to-day operations of your employees will change. Instead of subjecting them to the same report building each day or each week, they’ll have more time to be challenged with other tasks that require more analytical and creative thinking. In addition, AI within your ERP platform can provide incremental data not otherwise found manually. With more data and more employee bandwidth, you can bring your business to new heights. ERP with AI also introduces a vast toolset for integration options and flexibility that can’t be found in legacy systems.

Upgrade Your ERP with AI in the Cloud Today

Investing in an ERP solution with AI in the Cloud can save you and your employees time and money making your business soar. AKA Enterprise Solutions can educate you on how you can get more from your system when you use ERP and AI together. They can also help move your existing systems to the cloud. Contact them today!

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