Tensoft is Going “All Cloud, All the Time”

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2018 has been a very exciting year for Tensoft. In July, we re-branded Tensoft RCM - our revenue recognition solution for omni-channel software and technology companies - to Tensoft Revenue Lens. Prior to that, we were marketing the SaaS version of Tensoft RCM as Novadek Revenue Lens. Bringing Revenue Lens back under the Tensoft banner is more than just a name change - it’s a big step towards aligning our products with our new vision and strategy. And, going forward, Tensoft plans to offer only SaaS versions of our products in the cloud.

This is the culmination of 15+ years of cloud application development at Tensoft - we’ve had a lot of practice and have gained a great deal of experience of the years. Today, Tensoft’s applications leverage AWS and Azure cloud services. We understand customer concerns around safety and control of data - that’s why we have proven security measures in place. In the recent years, due to the benefits and customers’ trust in Tensoft, we have seen the demand for cloud increasing year after year. Cloud deployments have proved to be a cost-effective solution when compared to maintaining on-premise systems while also offering greater control over data.

The Tensoft Revenue Lens family consists of three modules, which are available separately or in combination with each other. These are:
• Revenue Management module
• Contract Billing Management module
• Advanced Compliance Management module

We are excited to announce that a Revenue Lens feature pack - 2018 FP3 is schedule to release in September. This release will include updates to the product web services to support cloud integration, along with other enhancements. Stay tuned for the details!

While only the SaaS version – Tensoft Revenue Lens – will be marketed and sold going forward, Tensoft will continue to support its customers’ on-premise versions of Tensoft RCM and CBM.

If you would like to know about the features and enhancements in our previous releases, then read this blog post. For more information on Tensoft Revenue Lens, contact us.

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