How to Avoid the Unthinkable (e.g., Losing Your Data) with Office 365 and the Cloud

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What do you do when the unthinkable happens?

In this case, the unthinkable is a really devastating loss of data. Valuable information. Irreplaceable information. See if this sounds familiar:

You’re running through the airport, trying to catch your flight. You’re not worried; you’re not exactly jumping over turnstiles, but you feel like Superman. You’re on your way to do a major presentation, you’re well prepared, and you have everything you need in one place—on your laptop. You are held up at security, but you’re undaunted. You dash down the corridor, round the corner, and WHAM, you trip over someone’s bag. Your laptop—with all your hard work on it—crashes to the ground. Oh no, can it be revived? CPR for laptops? Unfortunately, it’s in pieces. It won’t even power on. You are heading to your doom. And then you wake up in a cold sweat. It was just a bad dream—because you have the Microsoft Office 365 and the Azure cloud.

Saved by the Cloud and Microsoft Office 365

If your work exists not only on your laptop, but also in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, recovering it will be as simple as grabbing another device and signing in. Imagine taking all that risk off your shoulders. All your work-related documents, including your presentations, are sitting securely in Office 365 in your OneDrive account. You can even access it with your phone.

Today’s Office 365: Built for business continuity

But isn’t Office 365 just a newer version of Office? True, it offers the same productivity applications that you’ve come to rely on, but combined with Cloud services, the new Office 365 can transform the way you work in your digital office. With products like Skype for Business bundled in Office 365, you’ll never miss a phone call because, permissions granted, it will ring right through on your laptop, smart phone, landline, or tablet.

Company documents on which you are collaborating with your teammates will be available in Teams or SharePoint online. You can have Cortana coordinate and schedule meetings with your customers just by including Cortana in the email request. All your documents can be backed up in the Cloud and available on any device allowing you the peace of mind that comes with secure information that is readily available.

And you can have a Personal O365 account for family documents, pictures, videos, as well. Again, permissions granted, you can access personal documents on your devices. Set up OneDrive for Personal alongside your OneDrive for Business and have your kids’ photos and videos available when you’re on the road.

Saving your documents In the Cloud is the first step to business continuity.

With Office 365 and the Cloud, you can stop worrying about the safety and security of your information—and you have the freedom to work with it from anywhere and on any device.

You can do the setup yourself  (check out this blog post where I walk you through it), or a Microsoft partner can help you.

The Power of the Cloud and Office 365

This is just one easy way you can ensure business continuity.  Your files are real-time updated in Office 365. That means you can start your work on one machine and pick right back up from another. If you have a failure on your primary work laptop, you don’t need to worry, because everything is backed up in the Cloud.

If you want the freedom and peace of mind made possible by the Cloud, contact our Cloud experts at AKA Enterprise Solutions.






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