Intermat: Is the future of construction all-electric?

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The Intermat is well-known as the largest exhibition of construction equipment in the world. And with a visitor count of over one hundred seventy thousand, you could really get a message across. Now, we all know that the construction business, in general, is not the greenest. Though the demand for clean, electric, quiet, and low-emission or emission-free equipment is on the rise. After all, we all want to fulfil the duties allotted to us in the Paris Accords.

Intermat goes electric

The Intermat was an excellent opportunity for manufacturers of access equipment to show off their latest models that are capable of reaching those demands. Many exhibitors had their latest hybrid or electrically powered equipment at the forefront. This was a subject of debate throughout the week. One of the winners of the Intermat Innovation Awards was a fully electric zero-carbon excavator. One of the great benefits of electric equipment is that it also significantly reduces noise.

Image 1: Hybrid and electrically powered equipment were the key subjects at the Intermat Innovations Awards

Of course, electric equipment needs to perform at the same level as conventional equipment. However, at the moment, the technology is not advanced enough to allow the equipment to perform the same number of hours as the equipment we’re used to. But there are battery-powered excavators that can last for eight hours, a full work shift. All the technology needs is a little more time, and there will be a whole line of construction equipment that is fully electric.

Is a green future possible?

Unfortunately, no matter how good it may be for the environment, very few people are willing to "go green" if the alternative is cheaper. That’s especially true in the construction industry, where, for commercial buildings, traditional methods could be millions of dollars cheaper. The trick to reducing costs is good asset management, and for that you need the best software available. If you want to know how we can help you with this, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website We’d be happy to demonstrate how DynaRent can optimize your business.

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