What to Look For When Choosing Distribution ERP Software

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Choosing ERP Software for Distribution: What to Look For

Various industries have their distinct ways of doing business. Your distribution business may have much in common with other distribution operations, but it may have some unique aspects too. That is why it’s important to find the right ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution that meets your needs and makes your business processes easier and more efficient.

So, what should you look for in an ERP software for distribution solution? We have a few suggestions:

Is the ERP solution customizable?

To lend itself best to the needs of your organization, your ERP solution should be easily customizable to your reporting and programming preferences. With your preferred customizations as default, your team will save effort and time performing their repeatable tasks. The easier an ERP solution is for your team to operate, the more value you’ll see from it.

Does the ERP solution come with proactive support?

Regardless of the reliability of the software or the expertise of the installation, there is no doubt that over time, issues will arise. These issues may be unexpected such as electrical surges or incoming viruses. You’ll want your ERP partner to be available when you need them the most, and that may not be during regularly scheduled service calls. But as well as being reactive, you’ll also want proactive support.  Your ERP partner should make sure that your software is configured correctly to help you make the most of the features you’ve paid for. Regular monitoring of your system, as well as your changing processes and requirements, will assure that the system will be able to keep up with demand or expansion. Make sure your partner offers you a support package that can make your use of the ERP solution relatively worry-free, and get their assurance that this support will be available not only remotely but also on-site if needed.

Can the ERP solution support specialty applications?

Be sure that your ERP solution can integrate with and easily support specialty applications such as SalesPad, eOne Smart Connect, and ReQlogic. These and other available applications can help you optimize your ERP solution. Your ERP partner should be knowledgeable about all available third-party solutions and help you choose the ones that best complement your business processes.

These are just a few things to look for when shopping for a new or updated ERP Solution for distribution.

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been a prominent ERP solution for several decades. Highly customizable, this powerful integrated accounting solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office solutions and can be hosted on-site or in the cloud.

Custom Information Services (CIS) provides distribution ERP solutions that include proactive infrastructure management, software support, and a variety of certified specialty applications. We also offer customized programming and reports that make transitioning to a new solution easier and more intuitive for your team.

Finding an ERP partner that has a business, technical, and industry acumen is critical when it comes to industry-specific processes and industry-specific best practices. CIS has three decades of experience in industries that work in production environments like manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale. We’ve implemented hundreds of ERP solutions over the years and can speak your language.

If you are considering a new or updated ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics GP,  contact Custom Information Systems.

By Custom Information Systems. www.customis.com

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  1. Well explained about ERP Distribution and gave a broad and easy understanding... thank you for providing us with detailed info.. this helpled me a lot.

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