Where Does All My Time Go?

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Instead of thinking about how you currently spend all of your time, think about how your time would be better spent. In other words, in an ideal world, what would you be doing to make a significant impact on your company’s business?


My guess is, you wouldn’t be spending your time on manual, repetitive, mundane tasks that don’t actually require much skill. Tasks that could be executed by someone with far less experience and expertise in finance.


What a waste! You could be doing so much more. If only you had more time…


AP Automation

The solution, AP Automation, is neither elusive nor is it rocket science. It’s a cost-effective, comprehensive set of tools that cut to the chase. And it’s readily available through the AP Automation experts at AvidXchange.

Here are just some of the ways that AP Automation saves time:


  • Cuts average invoice processing time by 75%!
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Automates routing for review and approval based on your business rules for processing, payment, and exception handling
  • Extracts and uploads line item data
  • Enhances your ability to search and locate words or phrases within your financial documents
  • Reduces document search time from days to minutes


You can therefore:


  • Grow your business without having to increase administrative personnel
  • Have more time to strategize on upcoming projects
  • Improve cash management with instant visibility into outstanding invoices and payments


What Would You Rather Do?


  • Spend hours manually entering invoices OR automate invoice entry?
  • Spend hours manually processing invoices OR automate invoice processing?
  • Spend days on end manually routing invoices for review OR automate the review process?
  • Spend days on end manually routing invoices for approval OR automate the approval process?
  • Spend hours or days searching paper documents OR find the documents you need in minutes?


Do you derive job satisfaction from performing manual, rote tasks? I’m 99.999% sure that your answer is no.  That’s why I’m also 99.999% sure that you’re ready for AP Automation.


Don’t wait and don’t hesitate. Contact the AP Automation experts at AvidXchange to schedule a demo, ask a boatload of questions, or share any concerns you might have about AP and payment automation for Microsoft Dynamics. We’re at 800.560.9305 or [email protected]. Let’s chat soon.

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