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The Harmony of Orders and Customers: Magento & Dynamic ERP Integration with Amazon Marketplace

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    One of our clients got a notice from Amazon about a policy violation, which was quite serious. An email was sent to an Amazon user, who unsubscribed to emails via It was against Amazon policy and is frowned upon quite heavily as he is sending emails to Amazon customers. These emails were sent from the client’s Magento store.
    Amazon considered it as a strict violation, as in some instances, eStore owners were found contacting Amazon customers directly through non-Amazon systems.
    This new rule from Amazon meant our customer could lose one of the selling privileges of getting customer data. This happened in spite of our client disabling the email settings. However, Magento continued to send the emails because the unsubscribed email information is not reflected in Dynamics GP ERP though it is disabled in Magento Admin.
    Our client is one of the New York City’s largest independent music retailers.
    They are using Microsoft Dynamics GP as an ERP to handle e-commerce ecosystem. M2E Pro is a Magento extension that integrates Magento with eBay.

    We, at i95Dev, have successfully provided the Magento with eBay Integration. The total number of sales generated for the month of May 2014 is 7841 and for May 2016 10225. Among them, the sales generated from eBay for the same period is 3149 and 3168 respectively. After witnessing the higher ROI, the client approached us for Amazon integration solving this Amazon’s privacy issue.

    The complete process involved in synchronizing the Magento online store with Amazon and Dynamic GP is shown in the below fig.



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    1. Integration is an important feature of ERP solutions. It really makes life easier for person responsible for handling core functions of the company.

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