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Why DynaLease is the ideal ISV solution for your lease management

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The lease market’s strong start in 2018

The lease market for company vehicles was off to a fantastic start this year. A rise of over 15% compared to the first quarter of 2017. And this even exceeds the fourth quarter of last year, which is impressive since traditionally most lease contracts are signed in the last quarter of the year. This only happened once before, in 2015, which was the first time the first quarter of the year was better than the last quarter of the year before. That was the beginning of the continuous economic growth we see reflected in the numbers in the lease market.

Of course, leasing companies are taking this very seriously, and they are increasingly focusing on digitization. Successful companies are investing in a digital infrastructure that is suitable for the high demand. A program that helps with equipment management, as well as service and maintenance, fleet management, and the transport to and from the customer.

Image: Equipment-driven companies are increasingly investing in a digital infrastructure

DynaLease for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is specifically designed for the lease market. Like DynaRent, it offers a wide variety of options that smooths out the business process. DynaLease allows your company to perform at its best. Plus, DynaLease has lease-market-specific options that you won’t find in DynaRent, like fully operational and financial leases. In addition, it can cover automotive-specific processes.

And since we designed this solution together with a leasing company that is one of our customers, it offers everything a leasing company needs. So, if you’re a leasing company that’s looking for a program that will help your business compete with the big automotive leasing companies, DynaLease is the answer!

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