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Bookmarks in Power BI

One of the more interesting features released for Power BI has been bookmarks. Bookmarks allow you to organize the presentations of your report by storytelling or creating report navigation.

Bookmarks allow you to control:

  • The current page
  • Filters
  • Slicers
  • Sort order
  • Drill location
  • Visibility
  • Focus modes

To access the bookmark feature you can use the view tab and then select the bookmarks pane in Power BI desktop. In the Power BI service you will click on the view option and select bookmarks pane on. This enables a title bar for each bookmark that includes the bookmark name and navigation arrows.

When setting up bookmarks you will have a selection pane and visual display controls. The pane lists all objects on the report page you are currently viewing and allows you to select the visual from here. This is very useful when authoring complex reports with many overlapping charts.

You can associate a bookmark to a shape or image by going to the formatting pane under link card. Set type equals bookmark and then choose your bookmark.

You can also use spotlight with bookmarks to call attention to a specific chart during presentations. One of the new features added to bookmarks is the ability to turn on and off only certain elements such as data, display, and current page.

The following Power BI blog outlines details of bookmarking

The following video also shows how bookmarks work

Cool examples/use cases for bookmarks in Power BI

If you have questions on how to get started with Power BI and telling stories with your data, reach out to the GP support team or give us a call at 204-982-9890.

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