Microsoft Dynamics 365: Ideal for ‘vertical’ markets.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Ideal for 'vertical' markets.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Ideal for 'vertical' markets

Just two years ago, according to a Forbes article, cloud computing was on track to reach a 22.8% growth rate by 2018. What’s more, “62% of all CRM software” was predicted to be cloud-based with SaaS making up approximately 30% of “all application spending.”


‘Vertical’ markets, in particular, are taking on greater prominence as a market to be served, as the Forbes article notes:

“Deep vertical market expertise combined with the ability to deliver new apps quickly on a cloud platform leads to faster new customer wins, increased credibility in the vertical market served and ultimately, higher market valuations.”


Today, and with the release of Dynamics 365, Microsoft further underscores a commitment to “digital disruption” with a CRM platform ideal for small to medium-size businesses. This fully cloud-based platform (Azure cloud) fulfills an important niche in the ‘digital transformation’ of consumer data and information.

Given the fact that today’s consumers embrace new modes of technology to enhance their buying experiences, Dynamics 365 provides the mobility for the consumer to interact with their brands, as well as transact as they move about.


Dynamics 365 is well suited for numerous business applications, from operations, field service, project service automation, customer service, sales and marketing.

For example, a third-party app equips Dynamics 365 for Operations to handle certain operations-warehousing flows. Through mobile devices, warehouse staff can monitor material handling, receiving, picking, cycle counting and production processes. In addition, the software can process vendor consignment inventory; direct and ATP shipments via intercompany orders; collaboration with vendors. What’s more, decision-makers use Dynamics 365 to choose among options for “best sourcing strategy,” such as different warehouses, or to make partial shipments.

Now that we are in 2018, all of what was predicted back in 2015 has come to fruition and more. Cloud is not the “future” its “now and present”.

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