It’s Time to Say Goodbye to File Cabinets

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Where have all the file cabinets gone? There must be an enormous garbage dump somewhere on the planet overflowing with rusty file cabinets. The best part is, get ready to add yours to the heap!


History is littered with anachronistic tools, devices, and products. Think about the last time you saw a vinyl record, cassette tape, floppy disk, or Rolodex. Granted, there’s an element of nostalgia for things that are now forever lost but remind us of “the good old days.”


However, who among us yearns for a time before electricity, central heating, or indoor plumbing? How many of us would be willing to give up the convenience of our microwave ovens? Time marches ever forward – never backward. It’s called progress.


The time is now for your “back office” to embrace progress, move into the 21st century, and say goodbye to file cabinets. Because honestly, you no longer need them. AvidXchange is dedicated to helping our Microsoft Dynamics clients crawl out from under reams of paper and emerge into a file cabinet free environment. Not to mention the added benefit of saving all those trees.



Here’s what AP and payment automation with AvidXchange can do for your back office.


AvidXchange gives you the power to accelerate approvals, reduce processing costs, and virtually eliminate paper. Along with more transparency and control over your spending than ever before. We automate your entire AP process, and we just have to say this again, because we know it’s always a concern … you won’t be giving up an ounce of control.


First, our Purchase Order Application allows you to:

  • View Purchase Orders Electronically
  • Match the Purchase Order to the Invoice
  • Approve the Purchase Order

Once the PO is approved, PO details and coding are “flipped” onto the invoice.


Then, we make it easy for suppliers to submit 100% of their invoices through a variety of methods so we can deliver them electronically to you. Suppliers can submit invoices through the mail, email, or you can scan them in yourself. This means that all the manual data entry that you used to do is history.

The next step is our Invoice Application, which allows you to electronically code and approve invoices anywhere you have an internet connection. Invoices are automatically routed using workflows that are designed to mirror your current approval processes, but without all the paper and inefficiency. By automating the process, your company will be able to track invoices electronically, streamline workflows, and have a central repository for all invoice data.


And finally, there’s our Payment Application which enables you to pay suppliers electronically while maintaining all your banking relationships and current payment approvals. All you have to do is send us your payment file and we will pay your suppliers, as well as manage their payment conditions and preferences. The benefits are many, including:

  • Reduced Processing Costs
  • 24/7 Visibility into Payment Status and Approvals
  • Customizable Payment Approval Workflows
  • Service Teams for Supplier Management and Payment Execution


That’s how all our software and services work together to create a great experience for all of our Microsoft Dynamics clients.


Just contact us to schedule a demo, to ask us a boatload of questions, or to share any concerns you might have about AP and payment automation. You can reach the AvidXchange team by phone 800.560.9305 or email Let’s chat soon.

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