Why Dynamics 365 Business Central is naturally replacing QuickBooks? (And how)

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Why Dynamics 365 Business Central is naturally replacing QuickBooks? (And how)


With the new Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s objectives are clear! To allow SMBs to access a world-class ERP platform with 2.7 million users and over 31 years of heritage...now fully on Azure in the cloud! Yes, Dynamics 365 Business central is using the famous Dynamics NAV base to provide the most scalable ERP Solution.

Just released on April 2nd 2018, and following the great Dynamics ERP Product family, Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that’s easy to use and adapt.

With a familiar Microsoft Office 365 user interface, personalized feeds, and smart notifications, Dynamics 365 Business Central helps SMBs connect their business and make smarter decisions.

Like many QuickBooks users, you used to love your decision as it was obvious, easy and quick! But with time and experience, you slowly realize that its simplicity and ease of use that QuickBooks offers can also be its weaknesses later…

  • Insufficient Reporting?
  • Duplicate Data?
  • Manual Processes?
  • Siloed Systems?
  • Security Issues?


Sounds familiar?

The easy parameters set-up becomes a liability when you see that it also comes with fewer accounting and auditing controls.

After a few years using QuickBooks, many users now switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central because they reached the maximum records limit or need more secure file structure!

Top 4 reasons clients move away from QuickBooks:

“QuickBooks is lacking depth of capabilities within purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and distribution, audit control, and advanced reporting and adding capabilities and service offerings from QuickBooks’ partners is expensive”

“Upgrading QuickBooks is a hassle… QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise are built on different platforms than QuickBooks Online so upgrading is not seamless

“QuickBooks is not made for business owners… only useful for accountants! It has minimal business productivity integration that limit growth”

“Outgrowing QuickBooks was very quick… limiting our users and transactions, as well as its limited reporting capabilities”

If any of those reasons sound familiar, don’t hesitate to dive into Dynamics 365 Business Central Features and Capabilities. Also, you take advantage of Resource Center where you can watch Role Based Dynamics 365 Demos (i.e. One for the Owner, One for the Staff Accountant, etc.) and Contact us for more info.

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