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Two Sides of the Investment Management Coin

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Two Sides to the Investment Management Coin

Upon learning that Binary Stream has an Investment Management product, people frequently ask, “What does this product do?”, or “I’m in this industry, will it be a good fit for my business?” Perhaps the best way to illuminate this issue is to start off by clarifying that the Investment Management module is actually composed of two related modules. First, there is Portfolio Management, and then Fund Management, each of which serves the different needs of a particular group of users.


Portfolio Management

  • Typical users for this module would include mid-sized individual investors, as well as institutional investors, such as family trusts, pension funds, or anyone else who needs to track their investments within a Dynamics environment.  This could be a portfolio manager, a family trust administrator – anyone who is investing money from the MS Dynamics GP system and needs to monitor its performance and growth.
  • This module records the particular investments made by an individual entity and tracks their performance. Users can record a wide variety of investments, including shares of equities, such as stocks and mutual funds.

Funds Management

  • The most common users of this module would be the managers of a REIT, private equity firm, or hedge fund. They would need to be able to track contributions from, and distributions to the various investors.
  • The Funds Management module is designed to meet the needs of the firms that are offering investments to their customers. It also contains the ability to create capital calls. In which designated current or prospective investors are solicited to take part in the next offering.


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