Let's Get Competitive: Using RPA to gain a competitive edge

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We have all heard that purchasing technology is a long-term investment that comes with a host of benefits. But did you also know that your investment in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can also give you a competitive edge in your market?

We are in the age of instant gratification, and your team is likely looking for ways to complete tasks more efficiently and accurately, your vendors are looking to be paid quicker and your customers want their products and services to be in-market and in their hands faster. Effective automation with RPA means that you can offer services, information and data more seamlessly, meeting the needs of customers, vendors and employees while giving you a competitive advantage. Here's how:

  1. Bring products and services to market faster: With automation, you can gather the data necessary to make product or service improvements as technology evolves, speed up development or get goods or services in the hands of your customers quicker. Best-in-class companies are defeating their competitors by bringing the latest-and-greatest to market ahead of their rivals.
  2. Reduce costs: The more money you save by eliminating paper storage is more money that you can put toward more strategic investments. Consider how much paper, paper storage and manual data entry is costing your company and, once you have that number, think about some ways that that capital could be used more strategically. Re-investing money into things like enhanced technology puts you miles above your competitors who are still paying for filing cabinets.
  3. Heighten control and compliance: "Compliance" is a terrifying term, but it’s vital to know that you’re in control and abiding by record retention laws. When your documents are physically stored, it puts you and your organization at greater risk of security breaches. A document management solution assures that you know who touched a document when and what happened to it after it was in their virtual possession, leaving a detailed audit trail.
  4. Expansion opportunities: The best and most competitive companies are going beyond accounts payable and looking for other ways that business processes can be automated throughout the enterprise. Accounts receivable, legal, human resources are all places where RPA can be a huge asset and make your company innovative, giving you a leg-up over companies that are limiting the use of their document management solutions to just one department.

No matter your industry, it's important that you work toward becoming a leader and being the go-to when it comes to products and services that you provide. RPA is the perfect addition to your team to help you surpass the competition.

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