Insight Works Welcomes DPFE to its Reseller Network

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Insight Works has welcomed DPFE Corporation, a California, USA-based solutions provider primarily offering Microsoft Dynamics NAV services to the textile, fashion, paper product manufacturing and EDI industries, to its reseller network as a new Partner Program member. Through the efforts of the partnership, Insight Works continues to build its partner network while taking great pride in assisting DPFE with extending Microsoft Dynamics add-on solutions to its customers.

“Since 1980, we have been providing solutions to businesses with the goal of getting their operations to the next level,” says Alen Alexanian, President of DPFE Corporation. “As a certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Solution provider, we have had the privilege of boasting a myriad of satisfied customers – from small to midsize businesses – throughout Los Angeles County… and now, through our partnership with Insight Works, that client base is definitely poised to grow exponentially.”

Through knowledge and experience garnered in the past 33 years, DPFE’s technical staff confidently embarks on IT projects to suit any and every specific business need of its clients, with startup business services that ensure networks are installed and functioning properly and that they’re maintained and managed for efficient operation. Further, DPFE offers IBM-specific industry solutions that play a major role in preparing its clients to perform their tasks in the most efficient and proficient manner.

“We are very much looking forward to not only growing our partner network by welcoming DPFE to the Insight Works family but also assisting this future-thinking company with extending Dynamics solutions to their customers,” says Brian Neufeld, Director of Marketing for Insight Works. “As a Partner Program member, DPFE will be able to offer new clients a more robust solution while also providing supplementary value to existing clients; access proven technologies that allow for more predictable consulting, development and integration time; build credibility for their own operations and services via partner awards and recognition and more.”

Insight Works’ efforts via its Partner Program aim to provide partners such as DPFE with products that expand their capabilities while empowering their own clients to be more productive, agile and efficient. The company has spent years custom-tailoring solutions to meet clients’ unique needs, and through this experience, Insight Works has developed a collection of add-ons that supplement Microsoft NAV’s already-extensive capabilities including Warehouse Insight, Shop Floor Insight, Advanced Inventory Count, Dynamic Ship, POS Insight and a host of others.

In becoming an authorized Insight Works reseller, members of the Partnership Program have unparalleled access to products designed to enhance operational efficiency and deliver high returns with a short payback period.

About DPFE Corporation

Utilizing some 33 years of experience providing solutions to businesses throughout Los Angeles County, California, USA-based DPFE Corporation offers many practical avenues to help businesses get to the next level, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementations, startup business services and IBM-specific industry applications. Learn more about DPFE at

About Insight Works

Insight Works offers a comprehensive range of solutions to guide professionals through any ERP application needs, developing long-term relationships with clients through a “value-to-the-customer-first” philosophy at all points of any interaction or implementation. The company works closely with stakeholders to ensure they understand what industry pacesetters are doing, how they can adopt tailored best practices and how they can maximize their ROI and growth with the Microsoft technologies they employ.

Insight Works also offers a range of add-on modules such as Time Collection, Warehouse Mobile Solutions, Point of Sale, Inventory Count, Shipping and Scheduling as well as webinars, live events and written articles to educate users and enhance their returns within the supply chain. Learn more about Insight Works at

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