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Iris Schimke, Express Information Systems (Texas Microsoft Dynamics Partner)

How to Know When You Need a New ERP Partner

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After careful consideration, you have decided to move your ERP solution to the cloud. It’s an exciting step, and you’re expecting great things. But the choice of software solutions and platforms should not be your only consideration. As your business grows, you need an ERP partner who can serve you now and grow with you. How do you know if it’s time to switch partners? Here are two telltale signs:

You can’t get support when you need it.

Maybe your ERP partner provides excellent support – when they can get to it. But what happens when you need emergency help? Trying to get immediate help when something goes wrong can be a challenge. Whether it’s a problem because of your time zone or your partner’s limited availability, not being able to get help when you need it is a serious red flag. Support when you need it and help to get the most out of your system is what you are paying for; otherwise, why bother to work with a partner at all?

Your business is growing but so is your partner’s

When you chose a partner in the first place, they were no doubt very happy to have your business. They were available and gave you lots of attention. But as your business grew, and you needed them more, their business was also growing, and they needed you less. Now it might be hard for them to squeeze you into the schedule and provide the support you need.

So, what will you do?

If you’re having doubts about whether your ERP partner is the right match for you, why not look into other companies that might provide the knowledge and support you need. Most partners will be happy to consult with you and show you what they can offer.

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