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Great Management Myths

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What does it take to become a Great Manager?

When it comes to what makes a successful manager, there are certain misconceptions that are now widely accepted. So what's myth and what's reality?

Management isn't a science; it's an art. It involves millions of people in thousands of organizations, each of which is unique. That's what makes it so subjective, by definition. Sure, certain innovative management concepts become the rule, but they're rare, that's for sure.


Myth: A manager’s key challenge is to keep the department in working order.
Reality: The key challenge is not just to ensure the smooth operation of the department, but to make changes that will enhance the team’s performance.

Myth: Managers should focus on individuals.
Reality: Effective managers lead their teams like a conductor leads an orchestra, balancing some one-on-one focus with a focus on how the team is working together.

Myth: Rules must be enforced and subordinates must comply.
Reality: The goal should be commitment and engagement, not just compliance.

Myth: Once you are a leader, you can implement more of your own ideas.
Reality: The source of a leader’s true power is in the willingness of others to be led by you.

Myth: A leader must always be empathetic.
Reality: Effective leadership requires healthy detachment. Being overly empathetic can lead to burn out.

Myth: A leader must always be strong
Reality: Effective leaders strategically reveal their humanity

Myth: Courage is a talent few leaders possess
Reality: Courage is persistence, only five minutes longer


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