#Technical | GP Password Security Management by Cesar Servin

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With the rise in cyber crime and world-wide hacking, most password can be cracked in a month or less. Do you feel your Dynamics GP Account is compromised? Does your password look like this s8s5d2f1gc44s525a6 and near impossible to memorize? Is your password more than 5 years old? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to change your password.

Here's how:

Starting from the GP homepage, select the Microsoft Dynamics GP drop-down











Select User Preferences


Click Password


Manage new password setting in User Password Setup


Cesar Servin is a seasoned Dynamics ERP consultant at Bond Consulting Services. Need support for your Dynamics environment? Contact Support at support@BondConsultingServices.com

2 thoughts on “#Technical | GP Password Security Management by Cesar Servin”

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