Crazy Low CPC with Stupid High CTR

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What if we were to tell you that for no more than $0.01 cost-per-click (CPC), marketers can get their message in front of customers with the expectation of at least a 40-percent click-through-rate (CTR)…

If you were a marketer, would that pique your interest?

We’re going to explain how marketers can use shipping software – specifically the Dynamic Ship solution from Insight Works – to get their marketing message in front of their customers…and if you’re a marketing professional looking for a fresh way to deliver unique content, you’re going to want to read on.

Seemingly, there is an infinite supply of online tools available for marketers to use in order to get their message out to the masses. What’s more, the actions of sorting through data, looking at the cost-per-lead figures, refining the message and ultimately measuring the ROI (return on investment) all impact what marketing channels a company chooses to employ.

Today, with the evolution of Google’s core search algorithms, and in the wake of major adjustments that have gone by names like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, being found on the web has become likened to obtaining a doctoral degree in physics or mathematics. The best way to market any business online is to be found organically through a search at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) – but without waiting years to move up the rankings on Google’s SERPs, how can a marketer get the proverbial word out?

Better yet, how does all this connect to the warehousing/manufacturing sector?

Say Hello to Dynamic Ship

Shipment TrackingDynamic Ship isn’t only helping companies improve their shipping processes – it’s helping marketers in their efforts, as well. This integrated shipping solution for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is used by companies that need to manage the shipping of goods to customers, and while the system boasts all the features you’d expect in a shipping application, that’s a discussion for another blog. Dynamic Ship is catching the interest of marketers because of the online tracking page that enables customers to view the status of their shipments.

How it Works

Dynamic Ship enables businesses to email their customers a link to a company-branded tracking page, which includes a placeholder for marketers to insert their message along with a link to a landing page or call-to-action. What this placeholder is used for is totally up to the marketer; the options are nearly infinite and include:

  • New product/service announcements
  • Upcoming events
  • Promotions

What is important to understand is that while there are many communication avenues open to marketers, the cost and ROI of each option needs to be evaluated. With Dynamic Ship, the cost is almost immaterial, and so the ROI can only go up – better still, the cost the company incurs will likely never come out of the marketing budget.

Why, you ask?

Well, Dynamic Ship enables users to request real-time shipping rates, and every time shipping rates for a package is requested, the resulting cost is merely $0.01. When the shipping method is confirmed, a tracking page is generated and a unique URL can then be sent to the customer.

While the open rate and the click-through rate of the email containing the tracking URL will vary, it is significantly higher than a promotional email campaign going to a contact list. Combine this with the ultra-low-cost, and you know what you have? A win-win marketing campaign solution.

Learn more about Dynamic Ship here.

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