Can You Afford to Risk Upgrading Your Business Software to the Cloud?

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Transitioning business software to the cloud is no light decision – nor should its implementation be undertaken without experienced help.

If you’ve ever tried to navigate in a large, unfamiliar city, you know how challenging it can be. Sure, you can use the GPS… But sometimes it doesn’t take into account new highways recently constructed, and it might even send you the wrong way on a one-way street! Maybe you can afford an extra hour to get where you’re going, so ‘going it alone’ might not seem so scary.

Can you really afford to take the same risk with your business processes, employees, and customers?

Nothing beats the help from an experienced guide to get where you’re going. Or twenty guides.

Our new whitepaper, “7 Pitfalls to Avoid as You Transition Business Software to the Cloud” has real-world experiences, submitted by twenty top ERP and CRM partners, of companies just like yours. It highlights some of the worst traps along your path to the cloud – and here’s a secret – they’re also the easiest to fall into, because the businesses in these experiences did just that. Here’s a sneak-peek at some of the areas this whitepaper will cover:

  • Upgrades
  • Data Migration
  • Integration
  • End-User Acceptance
  • Differences from on-premises
  • Business Process Evaluation
  • Security

Each company is unique – including yours. There is no single path to the cloud. Some journeys are straightforward, but many (even most) have some surprises along the way. We hope our commentary helps you spot those wrong turns from a distance, so that you have time to steer clear and avert business disaster.

Are you considering a move to the cloud? Have you already tried… and failed? Has your cloud transition left you stinging? Download the whitepaper now and learn what best practices to implement so that your move helps you transition from a “dark cloud” over your head straight to “cloud nine”!

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