May The Fourth, of Binary Stream Manager Series Solutions, Be With You

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Binary Stream's Manager Series Solutions

Binary Stream’s Manager Series Solutions are fully-functional out-of-the-box solutions geared to enhance the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Our Manager Series solutions are meant to help you streamline your business activities. They're affordable, effective, and easy to implement!


Emailer Manager

Reduce document processing time and paper costs with eMailer Manager. Designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP users, eMailer Manager allows you to batch deliver key documents to customers, employees and vendors by email or fax, saving you valuable time and money.


National Accounts for Payables for Dynamics GP

Save up to 75% of your previous payment processing time and more effectively manage your vendor payments. Our NAP for Dynamics GP can help you create parent and child vendor relationships to consolidate and streamline payment processing. Plus, it will help you accelerate your vendor payment processing significantly.


Sales Document Consolidation

Streamline the Sales Document Consolidation process to allow Microsoft Dynamics GP users to merge or consolidate multiple sales documents such as invoices, by user-defined criteria. Instead of sending 10 invoices to the same customer each day, week or month, you can merge these invoices into one and save both time and money processing tracking these documents.


Serial & Lot Number Processing

Serial & Lot Number Processing accelerates serial and lot number entry for organizations that receive a list of serial or lot numbers to input into the Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, Inventory Control, Returns Management Authorization and Manufacturing modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP.


SOP Apply by Line

Eliminate unnecessary scrolling time; search on your customer’s reference numbers as well as the document number. Drill down within your reports to see which line items have been paid and which are still outstanding; complete Audit Trail detailed reports.

Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates

Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates (VCPR) was seamlessly built in Microsoft Dynamics GP for users to take full advantage of vendor contracts and rebates. Recognize net discounts on purchase orders (POs) from suppliers and process rebates to suppliers from sales documents. Unlike other products in the market, Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates is the only product that has automated rebate processing integrated into Dynamics GP.



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