Avoid the Pitfall of Thinking That Cloud Functionality Will Be Just Like On-Premise

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It is a common misconception that functionality for Cloud accounting always equals or surpasses on-premise solutions.  In some cases, key features relied upon and taken for granted in an on-premise environment either don’t migrate or simply aren’t available in the Cloud instance – even if you are moving within the same brand.

A client who was an early adopter of a cloud ERP solution encountered several issues that can be used as a learning experience.

Existing business processes requiring add-on solutions (third-party vendors) could not be replicated in the Cloud environment. The reasons were varied and included unavailability of the third-party solutions in the Cloud and the inability of the third-party solution to access and communicate with the core accounting solution. These problems ultimately resulted in a several month delay in the client’s transition to Cloud accounting.

What went wrong?  Clearly, existing requirements were not revisited and redefined when the transition to the Cloud was under consideration.  Assumptions were made, incorrectly as it turns out, that the Cloud software would function exactly as it did before the migration.

Lesson learned:  Consider a transition of an existing ERP solution to the Cloud as a brand new implementation, not simply a migration or change in how the software is accessed and deployed. A full-blown requirements analysis needs to be performed to identify any functionality gaps that might exist.

It is the very rare case indeed where all features and functions currently available in your on-premise business software identically exist in the Cloud accounting solution.

If you are contemplating a move to the cloud, there are other pitfalls you’ll want to be aware of.

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