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#Technical | Need to issue a refund in Dynamics 365 Business Central? Here’s How! by Lupe Haro

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Automatic payments don't always automate the way you want them to...we've all been there. Thankfully, Dynamics 365 Business Central is more forgiving than most. To correct a transaction that has an automatic payment applied just remove the payment from the invoice and create a refund in Business Central.

Unapply the Payment 

  • Open the Customer card for one of the customers affected and select “Ledger entries” under the Navigate tab
  • Locate the “Payment” and click on “Unapply Entries” option under the Actions tab
  • Select the Row with the “Initial Document Type” of payment and click on “Unapply” under the Home tab. Click on Yes to confirm the unapplying of the payment
  • Once the payment is unapplied, the system will show the following message:
    • "The entries were successfully unapplied."

Create Refund

  • Search for Sales Journal, select
  • Enter the following information:
    • Posting Date - Same date as payment
    • Document Type - Refund
    • Document No - Can use default or create own number
    • Account Type - Customer
    • Account No - Customer Number
    • Description - By default it is the customer name, but can be modified
    • Amount - Payment Amount
    • Bal Account Type - G/L Account
    • Bal Account No - GL Account number that was used to make the automatic payment
    • Appliesto Doc Type - Payment
    • Applies to Doc No - Click on the ellipses to get the list of payments you can apply the transaction to

Post the entry - Note you can have several entries in this batch and then post all of them at once and the payments need to be unapplied first

Lupe Haro is a seasoned Dynamics ERP consultant at Bond Consulting Services. Need support for your Dynamics environment? Contact Lupe at

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