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#Technical | Resolve Login Issues with Dynamics GP by Lupe Haro

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Dynamics GP not responding when a specific user is attempting to log in?

Recently we encountered an issue where GP would not respond when a specific user tried to login. The user would enter their credentials normally and when their homepage was loading GP would stop responding.

The client uses terminal servers to log in to GP, so we went through the common troubleshooting steps of resetting the user’s password, verifying GP user security, GP folder security and the issue continued to occur. Furthermore, we tried logging in with this login in several servers including the SQL server and we always had the same result.

When running a DEXSQL log, we found no errors and it seemed to go through the ordinary database login process, but something was preventing it from logging in completely.  With the help of Microsoft, we found that something within the GP ‘Startup’ folder was taking a long time to load causing GP to not respond. We did find that the table SY01404 (Custom Reminders Setup table) was reference several times in our DEXSQL log.

After taking a DYNAMICS database and table backup, we decided to clear the records in the SY01404 for this specific user. Upon clearing these records in the SY01404 table, we were then able to login to GP with no further issues. For reference, below are the scripts that we used.


Select * into DYNAMICS..SY01404BAK from DYNAMICS..SY01404

Delete DYNAMICS..SY01404 where USERNAME = 'username'

To conclude, GP will first run anything in the “Startup” folder including reminders before the GP home page fully loads, so next time you experience a similar issue you can review the reminders table to see if this is the cause of your issue.


Lupe Haro is a seasoned Dynamics GP consultant at Bond Consulting Services. Need support for your GP environment? Contact Lupe at

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