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Protect your business from ransomware by moving your GP to the cloud

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    Stop ransomware attacks in their tracks


    In today’s digital age, cyber threats and cyber attacks have become very common with the rise in ransomware attacks. These virtual attacks hold the system files or data for a ransom, resulting in data breaches and system downtimes. It is vital for companies to withstand ransomware by having effective backups and enhanced security levels for their IT environments.

    Some businesses believe that their systems are more secure keeping them on their premise.  However, we are still seeing customers with system downtime due to ransomware or other cyberattacks.  Recently, one customer had a ransomware infect their environment and were unable to get their GP data and they did not have a good offsite backup.  So they re-implemented GP and had to start from scratch which can cost a lot of money and inconvenience.  It’s difficult for smaller IT teams to keep on top of security and preventing these attacks.  

    Cloud to the rescue from ransomware

    With the rise in cloud storage adoption, companies are finding it easier to protect their systems as cloud is cost-effective and well-guarded. Cloud also allows for greater real-time visibility and control with data loss prevention practices and good backup measures in place. Here are three critical areas that cloud can help protect from ransomware attacks:

    Backups: On-premise storage demands frequent backups that consume excessive storage space impacting the system performance. Even if your systems have backups stored on your servers, best practice is to place them in an offsite storage for recovery situations. With the cloud, your data backups can be as frequent as possible while not consuming your local resources. Needless to say, backups using the cloud aren’t costly and are scheduled at streamlined or regular intervals with on-demand access to the same.

    Security Layers – The cloud has the most sophisticated multi-layered security with elaborate access controls and an encryption technology that beats that of any private or local server. This helps withstand even the most powerful DDoS attacks. You can expand the security levels or layers as your business requirements or your business itself grow.

    Scalability – No matter how innovative hackers are turning out to be, cloud has the flexibility to withstand the changing face of malware landscape. Its scalable feature makes it able to adjust and adapt quickly to induce security features, countering the attacks on-time or in most cases abort any malicious codes, thus nipping ransomware in the bud.

    Moving GP to the cloud puts ransomware worries aside

    InterDyn BMI brings you the power of cloud powered by solutions such as Microsoft Azure. It is the most secure cloud solution available in the market that complies with Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) and Occupational Security Assurance (OSA) requirements with ensured security at multiple levels. With GP on the cloud, you need no significant upfront investments to collaborate and streamline operations towards improved productivity. GP on the cloud is “OpEX” based, pay-per-use. You can now conduct business at a rapid pace while freeing up your resources as the hosting provider takes care of all the server support and maintenance work to keep them up and running. 

    Transitioning your GP to the cloud can benefit your business with better backups, on-demand access, better uptime, greater visibility into operations, and greater flexibility to scale up or down as your business needs change. Even if your GP system remains on-premise, having backups stored in the cloud will give your company the ability to bounce back in recovery situations.

    There are many reasons to upgrade your system to the cloud and our experienced team is waiting to help you plan your upgrade. Contact us today to find out about your upgrade path!

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