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It’s human nature, we all think things, both good and bad happen to other people, not us. But as one of our clients, the North Carolina Association of County commissioners found out in spring of 2017, this mindset can be a very dangerous when it comes to disaster preparedness for your business.

One day in March of that year, the unthinkable happened. A fire broke out at a construction site next to their offices, leaving considerable damage behind. All the computers they used daily to access their Dynamics GP system were made useless in a matter of moments due to water damage. Luckily, the server was off-site, but still accessing the system in the wake of the fire was very difficult. To run payroll in the days following, a staff member had to go to the server site and stand in front of it to get the job done.


Close your eyes and picture yourself in their shoes.


If this happened to your Dynamics GP system, how would you continue operations? Would you be able to pay your employees on time? What about filling orders?

As you can imagine, this situation impeded the accounting staff’s productivity. They quickly realized they could not continue this way. So, less than two weeks after the fire, NCACC had Dynamics GP up and running on new hardware. You’re probably thinking this is where the story ends, but it isn't

The fire forced NCACC to move into new offices where the Internet was barely faster than dial up. So, the simple act of doing their jobs still caused the members of the accounting staff major headaches.

NCACC Controller, Scott Kaufman described the situation like this.


“If you had to pull a ledger report or any other information out of the system, you might as well get a cup of coffee or talk to someone for about 15 minutes—sometimes longer. That’s how long it would take for a report to load on our screen.”


That’s when they remembered an earlier conversation with our Dynamics experts about the GP HTML 5 web client.

After all, the cloud and mobile access are designed for situations like this. With it, you can access your information from anywhere, rather than being tied to a certain workstation or server.

Once NCACC decided to move forward with the HTML 5 GP web client, the expert team at Intelligent Technologies went to work behind the scenes, setting it up. To everyone’s delight, the installation went smoothly with no serious issues along way. It was like flipping a switch. There was no downtime and the team at NCACC could finally access their crucial accounting system without depending on certain computers.


Benefits of adding the HTML 5 GP web client

  • Improved disaster preparedness
  • Easy external access
  • Improved mobility
  • Better collaboration


Is your Dynamics GP system still dependent on a single server and certain computers? Don’t let what happened to the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners happen to you. When asked if he had other advice for organizations still running Dynamics GP without the web client, Scott Kaufman, Controller at NCACC had this to say.


“I can’t reiterate how important it is to not have all of your eggs in one basket. You need a fall back plan in case you’re down for a day, week, month, or even longer. Think about how you will keep the business moving forward. The HTML 5 Dynamics GP web client has given us that. If we were to experience another fire or someone stole all our PCs, even if we had to use our personal equipment, we can still get the job done and keep things moving.”


Read more of NCACC’s story in our recent case study.


Want to learn more about the Dynamics GP web client and whether it’s right for your business? Contact us.

By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a South Carolina Dynamics GP partner.

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