Pitfalls of Long Account Numbers

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Problems with Long Account Numbers

During our years, we have seen a lot of long account numbers / lots of segments. What are some of the pitfalls of very large account numbers?

The longest GL account number we’ve worked with in GP is 27 digits, 8 segments. This is different from the account framework which may be large to accommodate changes but many companies have a much smaller chart of accounts find out this here.


Dynamics GP

In most cases, this is not an issued in Dynamics GP as the default framework has maximum characters (50), maximum segments (10), and maximum characters for each segment (6). Changing the account framework after implementation is possible but generally a very expensive and time-consuming process. When you have an account number of that size, some of the pitfalls in GP are:

  1. You have to activate horizontal scroll bars in User Preferences and you end up scrolling left and right to see the entire account.
  2. Many of GP’s default reports aren’t setup for accounts of that size and you’ll need to modify posting reports for all modules and GL related reports.
  3. You’ll do a lot of resizing in Smartlists just to fit what you want on the screen.
  4. You shouldn’t see too many performance issues in GP but you may see serious slowdowns in FRx. This is especially true when using trees or reports with heavy account detail. Enterprise Reporting deals with large accounts and large datasets better, but the features are not identical between the two products.
  5. Users will do a lot more searching on segments other than an account number. Make sure you’ve got the other segments setup to be searchable in the account framework.

If your organization has yet to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP, the time invested now in developing an effective chart of accounts can create enormous time savings for the team and enable the quick production of financial reports stakeholders need to properly analyze the business.



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