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Microsoft GP 2018 – New Workflows

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    Learn about the three new workflows that have been included in GP 2018

    Most of us are aware of the term ‘workflow’ in relation to Microsoft Dynamics GP: it is a system that one installs with the product. Workflow provides functionality that one can use to create individual workflows or approval processes for a document, master record, or a batch. A workflow determines how these flow through the system, showing who the approver is and the conditions that they need to follow to provide approval.

    This article highlights three new workflows that have been added to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, which were all created based on feedback from the community.

    1. General Ledger Account Workflow

    1. Receiving Transactions Workflow

    1. Purchasing Invoice Workflow

    It is time for you to get organized with the GP 2018 workflows. Need assistance or have any questions? Please reach out to us at [email protected]..

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