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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 – Document Attach Unplugged

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    Find out how Microsoft Dynamics GP has evolved since 2013

    In our previous blog, Comprehensive Document Attach summary, we learned about the Document Attach feature and its importance. This article is not a new feature; it is a summary of all of the functionality offered by Document Attach since its introduction in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and the enhancements in the versions since.

    How do you set Document Attachment up?

    Go to the Document Attach setup window, enable it (Admin>Company) and user access is granted!


    As shown in the picture above, you can:

    1. Set a maximum file size.

    2. Set up to attach documents at the Master Record level automatically for customers, vendors, and items.

    3. Apply ‘flow’ to Sales or Purchasing Transaction documents when the transaction document is created or items are added. Documents with 'flow' will have all the editable properties.

    How are people using Document Attachment?

    Users are using Document Attachment mostly for attaching contracts, signed documents, pictures etc. How are you using this great feature?

    What should the IT admin consider?

    Impact on test environments – While carrying out an automated weekly restore of the live company to test, data would also be duplicated into the test company where it resided in the company database. This also happened when pushed into the developer clone of the live environment. Previously, OLE notes were not used in any test scenarios and therefore were not required for the test environment. Now a terabyte of extra space is required on test environments.  

    During development, restoring SQL backups of the database to test is a regular practice. For example, when testing an integration you need to restore the backup of the database at all levels throughout the testing process. This means that bigger databases require a lot more time. In GP 2018, if a table gets deleted in SQL server, a restore of the company into another database before the deletion to recover the data would only take about half an hour.  

    How has Document Attach in GP 2018 evolved since 2013?

    The Document Attachment functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 enabled attaching documents such as requisitions, credit reports, and images to master records, transactions, and the individual line items assigned to the transactions. One could also view a document that has already been attached or remove an attachment. A user could attach documents to an Item master record, Vendor master record, and Customer master record.

    In the GP 2013 Service Pack2, there was an option to delete attachments from master records and transactions in the Document Attachment Management window. A user could enter or select attributes for attachments, such as allowing the attachment to be sent in email or allowing the attachment to flow or link from the master record to the transaction or document. Also, the email functionality for documents in Microsoft Dynamics GP allowed the user to select attachments when sending the purchase order or sales document via email.

    GP 2015 enabled users to send Document Attachment files with workflow task notification emails. It also supported scanning of payable invoices and attaching it to the transaction, and submission through the workflow.  It would allow a user to scan documents directly to Document Attach from a scanner and convert OLE Notes to Document Attach.

    In the GP 2016 version, the Document Attachment feature could be used in PTE Employee Expenses and Employee Expense Entry along with enablement of ‘flow’ and email checkboxes for flow attachment options. Using the Scan functionality, multiple pages could be scanned. 

    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 promises to enhance user experience through a variety of enhancements, new modules or other core functions or capabilities. To know about our price comparison of GP upgrade, click here.

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