How the Healthcare Industry Can Manage Labor Costs Through a Time Clock System

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An employee that can wear many hats and take on a variety of different tasks as needed is a valuable asset to your company. However, when it comes to tracking time, how do you make sure their labor hours are assigned to the right cost center? There are many hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities that use Microsoft Dynamics GP and struggle with this issue.

While Microsoft Dynamics GP doesn’t have a time clock function itself, Time Matrix is an add-on product by Business Computers Software that integrates directly with GP and allows employees to clock in and out, change department, position and pay code, or view time in the logbook by week or month.


Time Matrix Time Clock
Time Matrix Time Clock


This add-on has been a life-saver for those healthcare facilities that need nurses or other employees to clock into different areas of service not only for tracking payroll hours, but also tracking time towards projects, jobs or work orders.

While employees can easily clock in and out of their different areas, administrators can also view employee’s hours, see who is clocked in, how many hours a department has for the pay period, and even all time that hasn’t be approved by a supervisor. All of this is done directly through Microsoft Dynamics GP and allows managers and supervisors to better control labor costs in each department.

The information can then be accessed in an easy-to-read report with information specifically for the healthcare and medical industry. If you would like access to that report for your own Microsoft Dynamics GP system, request the report from Stoneridge Software.

By default, in Time Matrix all employees can clock into any department or position. However, if you would like to restrict the areas each employee clocks in to, you can do so. For example, if you want to limit an employee to being able to clock in to admin and sales, you can do so. However, if you set up restrictions for one employee, you will need to set up this window for all employees.

employee Departments Set up in Microsoft Dynamics GP
Employee Departments Set up in Microsoft Dynamics GP


If a computer or touch terminal isn’t available in certain areas of your facility, or if you have nurses or other employees working in the field, you can allow them to clock in and out from any phone. Another option is a web portal that can be accessed outside of your system, so an employee could clock in on their smartphone instead of a networked computer.

Simplify your time clock process with a robust system that integrates directly with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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