How ERP Helps Improve Customer Interactions and Lower Costs in Wholesale and Distribution

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With the click of a button or even a few spoken words, today’s customers can order products and have them shipped anywhere in the world. Online sales and delivery channels, artificial intelligence and deep big data analysis have revolutionized the speed and effectiveness of many wholesale and distribution companies. In order to compete, according to a recent white paper published by Aberdeen Group, wholesalers and distributors need to find ways to meet customer demands without sacrificing profit margins.

There is undoubtedly a need to compete with online markets by making sure customers get the right products precisely when they need them. That means streamlining processes and optimizing supply chains so that they can more effectively manage inventory, keep prices low, better understand what customers need and make it easier for them to interact with the business.

How can ERP help?

According to the white paper, leaders in the industry combine ERP and CRM to provide their customers with a centralized portal with integrated functionality. Leaders are also more likely to have eCommerce and customers self-service portals. Top performers utilize data from ERP to make better, more informed decisions.

The ability to access ERP from anywhere, using mobile devices, allows wholesale and distribution leaders to get accurate information when and where they need it. Real-time visibility of the inner workings of the business process and all its moving parts give wholesale and distribution leaders insight into the logistics, providing them with a competitive edge.

In the age of big data, being able to appropriately and easily analyze the plethora of information is essential for reducing costs and streamlining processes. “Interoperability is the key to success,” the white paper concludes. When you have real-time collaboration among an organization’s departments, you can share accurate data in a more efficient manner.

Leaders who follow this path see improvements in their time to decision, profitability, complete and on-time delivery and inventory accuracy when ERP plays a significant factor in their wholesale and distribution.


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