Features to Seek Out in a Mobile WMS Solution

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In the current landscape, logistics managers are under considerable pressure. Not only must you ensure that your team can keep pace with customer demands, but efficiency and accuracy are key.

One of the best ways to equip your warehouse staff and support these requirements is with a robust warehouse data collection solutionMicrosoft Dynamics Business Central is an excellent option for warehouses looking for an inventory management solution. For those looking to supercharge Business Central, there are ISV solutions that integrate seamlessly and provide added functionality. As you look for technology to improve the capabilities of your warehouse employees, here are a few more add-on essentials to seek out:

Inventory and Bin Inquiry

Any time a warehouse worker has to spend away from the main floor is productivity lost. This key feature helps eliminate unnecessary trips to the back office by enabling your staff to verify bins and inventory directly from the inventory inquiry screen on their handheld device. Simply scan or enter a barcode to access details including bins, quantities, serial numbers, images and more.

Warehouse and Inventory Movements

This handy feature streamlines the process of executing warehouse movements by bringing documents right to staff members’ handhelds. Best of all, this capability can be utilized in both directed pick and non-WMS locations, where users can transfer bins or locations without having to fill out a transfer order. Directed or impromptu movements can take place in a way that doesn’t interrupt staff member production.

Production Consumption and Output

Production and consumption output helps ensure consumed items are reconciled against production inventory by enabling workers to scan and capture lot or serial numbers. Warehouse staff can then ensure that all consumption and production remains tracked and organized. In addition, workers can use this feature during the put-away process following production and keep track of warehouse picks according to assemble-to-stock orders.

Offline Processing

The Scratchpad feature gives workers a place to collect and sort operational data in the event of a utility, network or NAV failure. With Scratchpad, an outage or technical problem never gets in the way of staff productivity. Data can be easily uploaded and automatically processed in NAV once support returns.

Solutions that advance mobile warehouse data collection can make all the difference in your logistical operations. To find out more, check out what Insight Works has to offer.

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