Dynamics 365 Business Central: A Leading Technology for Growth?

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is helping organizations across industries scale as they grow with a modern approach to cloud-based ERP.  For the best chance of growing a business, SMBs need to have the right people, systems and processes in place. To ensure a smooth scaling up, they also need to eliminate redundant systems and processes, replacing them with tightly integrated systems that are designed to support growth.

For growth to occur, businesses must be agile and this can only come with end-to-end visibility of their operations. With the use of automation and by integrating operational processes, businesses can achieve the desired level of visibility across their operations, focus on scaling while still delivering outstanding service to customers.


Choosing the Right Technology for Scaling Your Business

That’s why businesses are looking to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. A cloud-based business management system, Dynamics 365 delivers real-time access to the data required to make insight-driven decisions on how to quickly grow a business. A subscription-based technology, Business Central offers a low total cost of ownership allowing smaller businesses scale fast as they do not need to invest in expensive software and hardware.  A full user of Business Central starts at just $70 per user per month.

With access to a full suite of financial and operational management modules like GL, AP, AR, Sales Order Processing and Inventory Management, Dynamics 365 is a solid foundation for growing businesses.  Through AppSource, an online app marketplace for third party technologies, companies can find integrated solutions to extend their accounting systems to meet their specific vertical needs.  Learn more about AppSource here>>>

A common misconception among managers when choosing software is purchasing multiple, individual software applications to solve issues as they arise.

This may appear to be a cost-effective method of scaling but choosing to deploy quick fixes by buying individual applications creates a fragmented network, especially when trying to integrate them into a larger IT system. Attempting to manage apps that won't share data with one another, leads to staff neglecting core organizational issues as they are too busy putting out fires.

At Admiral Consulting Group, we know there are more efficient ways to manage your business. Rather than using short-term solutions like deploying a collection of apps, we recommend businesses start out with a base financial management system that is designed with growth in mind, a system like Dynamics 365 BC that will support the addition of seamlessly integrated applications.

With an integrated business management solution, growing businesses can consolidate their customer data, develop smarter processes and become even more responsive.

Leveraging organizations existing investment in Microsoft technologies, Dynamics 365 BC is tightly integrated with Outlook, Excel, Word and other Office 365 apps like Power BI to help maximize productivity access all departments.


Other benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central include:

  • Stay Connected – With Dynamics 365, the front office and back office are united with a single end-to-end system for managing every aspect of the business. By leveraging integrated functionality, Dynamics 365 enables organizations to connect their entire business.


  • Get Actionable Insights – In today's competitive business environment, having complete, real-time visibility into all the areas of the business is a competitive advantage that businesses require to succeed and scale. Dynamics 365 helps collect data and turn it into actionable insights, providing your business with business intelligence and analytics.


  • Improved Customer Experience –Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates natively with Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service allowing your teams to have a 360-degree view of your customers. With customer retention and loyalty being key drivers of growth, having a dependable, integrated CRM in place fosters the ability to meet and exceed customer expectations.


  • Works on A Subscription Model – Using Dynamics 365's flexible subscription model, businesses find there is no need to pay for employees who are not using the software. As growing businesses can scale the number of users up or down, this leads to significant savings.


What can Dynamics 365 Business Central offer your business?

To stay competitive in today’s market, it is essential to find a solution that combines ease of integration, a high performance, and cost-effectiveness. This is what Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers and that's why it's recommended as the leading technology for scaling your business. At Admiral Consulting Group, we firmly believe it's the solution that grows with your business.

Whether you’re aiming to expand into new markets, build brand awareness or increase ROI, applications like Dynamics 365 Business Central help businesses by providing vital insights and enabling higher productivity.

To learn if Dynamics 365 is the right ERP software for you, click here to schedule a complimentary consultation with an Admiral executive today.

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