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Deliver Projects Successfully with a Project Accounting Solution Integrated to Dynamics GP

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The success of a project depends on numerous factors: from managing changes to lack of support from upper management, not to mention unrealistic expectations and unclear objectives, many elements can impact the progress of a project and in the end, its success. It often comes down to a two-way street between the client and those who are supplying the services.


The question then becomes: how can you mitigate these risks to ensure that projects are successfully delivered to your clients? Here are the 3 issues that we most often see and how a project accounting solution such as JOVACO Suite, fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP, will put at your disposal all the tools you need to ensure the success of your client’s projects.


  • ISSUE #1: Budget overruns due to changes in the project. This situation can be avoided with a timesheet fully integrated to your projects and financials that allows resources to enter their time directly into the appropriate project line. This offers real-time visibility into the status of your projects by allowing you to track daily activities and billable hours for better control of your projects. You can take quicker decisions to avoid budget overruns, not to mention guaranteeing transparency to your clients.


  • ISSUE #2: Miscommunication and disputes on what should be included in the scope (and what is considered billable) for the project. By getting your invoices out quickly and with the possibility of extensive detail on the work that has been completed, this helps both sides better understand the work that has been done to date. This may help resolve issues quickly before you are too far along and can redirect the vision or scope of the project right away. As the firm supplying the services, this typically leads to fewer write-offs and invoices paid more quickly since the work done is still fresh in your client’s mind.


  • ISSUE #3: Lack of resources or missed deadlines due to poor planning or unforeseen issues. JOVACO Project Suite offers a resource planning tool allowing you to optimize the workload and utilization rate of your resources by allocating them to specific activities. The integration to the timesheet allows them to review their tasks directly from the timesheet so that they are always up to date on priorities and deadlines. In turn, project managers have a view on the workload and tasks of their resources, and can make adjustments as necessary to ensure that deadlines are met.


These are just a few ways in which integrating a project management solution such as JOVACO Project Suite to Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you obtain greater visibility into the health, progress, and profitability of your client projects. By having a view on the status of your organization’s various projects, everyone can adjust their expectations and make appropriate decisions based on real-time data. This way, you have all the proper tools to deliver them within the agreed budget, timeline and scope.


By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP project accounting specialist in Quebec

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