17 Important Microsoft Dynamics Topics at CALConnect 2018

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What are the most important topics for Microsoft Dynamics GP users? When we asked our team at CAL Business Solutions we came up with these 17 sessions to present at CAL Connect2018 - New England’s largest Microsoft Dynamics GP user event on Thursday, June 21, 2018 Bristol, Connecticut.

1. Dynamics GP 2016 & GP 2018 New Features

Find out what’s new in these versions of your favorite software product. Presented by Stephanie Olbrych, CAL

2. The Importance of Project Management & Time Management Tips

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to get internal or external projects done in a timely and cost effective manner? Or why some projects sometimes just fail completely?  In this session we will show examples of Project Management best practices and tools that you can use for any kind of project.  Along with some time management tips sure to help every worker be more productive. Presented by Steve Brown, CAL

3. Are you Curious About the Cloud?

“Cloud” is the hot buzzword in the ERP industry. But what does it really mean for you? Can GP be run in the cloud? We will discuss the different options of “on premise” vs “hosted” vs “cloud” to help you determine if this is something your company should be considering either now or in the future. Presented by George Mackiewicz & John Miele, CAL

4. Get Started With Dynamics GP Workflow

This session will explain some real life scenarios where using workflows in Dynamics GP can make you more efficient. We will show you step by step how to build some of the most popular workflows including a Vendor approval, AP transaction approval and PO approval. Presented by Mark Saia, CAL

5. How to Save Time with Excel Live Reports

Do you wait for a Smartlist to run just to export it to Excel? There is an easier way. Find out how you can save time using refreshable Excel reports, included in your GP system. Your data goes directly to Excel and is automatically updated when anything is changed in Dynamics GP. Presented by Stacey Poll, CAL

6. Understanding SQL Tables to Find GP Data

This session will show how GP tables are structured and how data flows inside SQL so you will know what tables to go after to retrieve data. We will go through basic select and join processes and review requirements. You don’t need to be a super techie to use SQL, just someone who wants to dive in and learn. And you will be amazed at the power it gives you. Presented by Ryan Dyer, CAL

7. How to Get the Best Tech Support From CAL

CAL is using a new case management system that will give our customer more visibility and flexibility. Now it is more than just submitting a support request. CAL has a customer portal that allows you to see and manage your cases and interact with the team. Attend this session to see how you can save time and money on your next support case. Presented by Joe Saffo & Steve Brown, CAL

8. Ways Distribution Companies Can Provide Better Customer Service

The life of a customer service rep can be a hectic one. In this session, we’ll take a look at how SalesPad Desktop puts everything you need to know about your customers right at your fingertips. From easily looking up their buying history, to quickly logging your interactions with them and scheduling follow-ups, SalesPad Desktop doesn’t let anything slip through the cracks. Presented by SalesPad

9. Top Free Add-On Tools for GP

Many people don’t realize that some ISV companies offer free tools as a “teaser” before you buy the full product. That means smart companies can take advantage of some great functionality without ever buying anything else. We will review our favorite free add on tools, plus the little known free tools already available in Dynamics GP. Presented by Marty Schorr, CAL

10. Practical Excel Tips You Will Use Every Day

PivotTables, filters, formulas and more! We will review some advanced Excel tips as well as some of the basics that you may have missed, but will quickly become your favorites. Presented by Katelyn Wood, CAL

11. The Proper Care & Maintenance of SQL

Get specific tips on how to improve the performance of your Dynamics GP system. We will cover hardware, software, location and monitoring. Plus the most common tech problems our team hears from clients and how to avoid them. Presented by Charles Ray & Dan Saffo, CAL

12. AR Automation & PCI Compliance

Discover how you can securely process electronic payments, automate your accounts receivables process, reduce the scope of PCI Compliance and provide your customers the convenience of online bill pay. Presented by Nodus Technologies Inc.

13. Automating Your AP Payment Process with Multi Batch Management

Learn how Multi Batch Management can automate the payment batch creation process through to printing & posting all batches across companies from one unified screen. This includes EFT batches & automates the creation of EFT filed or SafePay files. Presented by Mekorma

14. Auditing & Security in Dynamics GP

Is your Dynamics GP system a source of headaches and hassles? Do you have users that never log out of the system? Are there ghosts making changes to your records? Do you need to track data changes in GP, including at the SQL level? Learn how to protect your system with Rockton’s Auditor and Dynamics GP Toolbox, two add-on products that will help solve all the mysteries and lock down your GP system. Presented by Rockton Software

15. Is Budgeting Too Painful? Dynamic Budgets Makes it Easy!

Learn more about Dynamic Budgets, first-and-foremost a budgeting solution, also providing live reporting functionality. Discovery how they changed the rules of typical budgeting software by offering unlimited users, installs in 1 hour and customers can go live within a week. Dynamic Budgets makes Powerful Budgeting Easy! Presented by Dynamic Budgets

16. Jet Reports and Management Reporter: How to Compare & Upgrade

Learn more about Jet Reports, an alternative to Management Reporter, including their free, out of the box reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP users. Get answers to many of the questions current GP & MR users have such as comparison of features, migration process, why they should upgrade and more. Presented by Jet Reports

17. Dynamics GP Tips & Tricks

Find out time saving tips to make your team more efficient. Presented by Stacey Poll, CAL

And this event will have a bonus session too, the first ever CAL ‘Town Hall’ Q&A by a panel of our consultants. This is your chance to ask questions to key members of the CAL team and talk about the issues you find important. Including George Mackiewicz, John DiLeo, Dan Saffo, Stacey Poll & John Miele

See full CALConnect 2018 agenda

We invite you to attend this event and benefit from these important topics.

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