Who Should Have Access to Your Accounting Software System

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A modern, fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution has now become a must for any growing business.  Not only does it do away with old-fashioned financial ledgers and spreadsheets, reducing the tedium, duplication, and risk associated with manually-entered data, but used strategically it can connect your company’s various departments and can generate business intelligence essential to the success of your organization.


With mobile capabilities and cloud-based ERP, your entire team can have anytime, anywhere access to the information they need. Salespeople sitting with a client, accountants or managers away from the office, service providers, all can have access to data about inventory, scheduling, and financials. Information entered on one platform by one employee can be automatically updated on all other systems for real-time data for all.


But, with all this accessibility, you will rightly have concerns about security. While you want salespeople to have access to client information and account status, you do not want them to see company expenses or HR data. Your field services workers don’t need the same information that your managers require.


Fortunately, modern accounting software has intelligent access control that lets you decide exactly who will have access to what information. Access permission can be changed at any time if there is a problem, potential threat, or change in an employee’s status. Rather than act as a barrier to productivity, access permission will allow all of your team members to work smarter, safer, and more productively.


In addition to access permission, modern ERP also allows you to track who has accessed the data and when.


Access for frontline staff


Customer service representatives with access to client account information will be able to provide better and more timely service. Front office staff will not have to run to the accounts department every time there is a query or wait for email and phone messages to catch up. Accounting will not have to interrupt their tasks to deal with customer issues. This will improve the customer experience by having one person resolve the query or problem without delay.


Sales representatives in the field can remotely check on a client’s account status or last order. They will be able to deal with client questions or issues on the spot without having to refer them back to the accounting department. Again, this saves time and improves the client experience.


Ease of use and access to the information they need helps your team serve your customers. Satisfied, loyal customers are the basis your business’s success.


Access for customers


With modern, secure ERP you can allow your customers to access their accounts online. This will save time for both your customers and your staff by allowing customers to answer many of their own questions about billing, shipping, etc. and to make changes to their personal information.


Here too, security is important to ensure that only authorized users have access and only to their own information.


If customers have access to their accounts, billing will be faster and payments more timely. Any billing questions should be easily answered when customers can view their purchase and payment history.


Customers also appreciate being able to submit orders and track them through their personal accounts.


Access for suppliers


Allowing suppliers access to information relevant to their business with the company will also streamline the process, reduce queries and save time.


Suppliers should be able to view information on deliveries, outstanding invoices, and payments. This will smooth the entire supply process and strengthen the business relationship between the two parties. Previously, if there was an account issue, a supplier might withhold delivery until he could talk to someone about the problem. By granting your suppliers access to their relevant information online, they can easily see what invoices have been paid and what is outstanding, thus reducing delays caused by unresolved accounting queries.


There are many benefits to allowing appropriate access to your data by your frontline staff, customers, suppliers, and management. It will save time, money, and speed up workflows; it will improve customer service, delivery times and cash flow.


A modern, fully integrated ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV works like the familiar Microsoft Office tools you already use, working seamlessly with Outlook, Word, and Excel. You get the same powerful capabilities across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms for anywhere, anytime access. And you get all that with the highest level of security.


If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, contact our experts at iNECTA. 1-800-632-0573


By iNECTA, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Gold Certified Partner



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