Using SmartLists to Show When Vendors Were Added to Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Auditors frequently ask for information on new vendors or suppliers that have been added to Microsoft Dynamics GP within a certain time frame or on a specific date. Thanks to SmartLists that information is easy to generate and supply to the auditors.

Here's how to run a SmartList and easily generate a list of your vendors:

  1. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > SmartList > Purchasing > Vendors
  2. Choose the default report – the *
  3. Then click on the Columns button
  4. Click on Add
  5. From the list choose Created Date
  6. Click on ok
  7. Put the created date wherever you want in column order
  8. Click on OKsmartlists
  9. Then back on the SmartList, click on the search button
  10. Restrict by the Created Date – between – you can choose then to enter the dates or use a defaultsmartlists
  11. Click on OK
  12. Back on the SmartList click on Refresh to see your vendors created based on the timeframe selected.smartlists
  13. Click on Favorites
  14. Give the SmartList a name and add the SmartList



This report can then be run immediately whenever you need the information.

If you have questions on SmartLists, please contact us.

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