Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Dynamics 365

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Keyboard ShortcutsDid you know that a lot of the basic keyboard shortcuts are universal and can be used on different platforms? For example Ctrl + X = Cut on a PC and Command () + X = Cut on a Mac. These basic functions, whether on a PC or a Mac, are the same across the board in many software applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, CorelDraw, or WordPerfect, to name a few.


Here are some commonly used shortcuts in Microsoft Office 365:

  • Ctrl + X = Cut
  • Ctrl + C = Copy
  • Ctrl + V = Paste
  • Ctrl + Z = Undo
  • Ctrl + R = Right Justify
  • Ctrl + L = Left Justify
  • Ctrl + } = Increases text size
  • Ctrl + { = Decreases text size
  • Ctrl + F = Find
  • Esc = escapes out of screens

Why use shortcuts you ask?

To zip through your daily tasks quicker. How much is it a pain to grab your mouse as you're typing and go to the ribbon menu; locate basic functionality; scroll down to that command; when you can reduce the number of clicks with simply two key strokes and get it done faster.

I have found myself using more and more keyboard shortcuts because they really do save time. For instance, in Microsoft Dynamics 365, I can click Alt + S and it will save and close a screen. I use the arrow keys to move in between options in an open list or between options in a group of options. Or click on Esc to close a look-up or drop-down list. The spacebar opens a new search. It’s that simple, I don’t’ have to switch back and forth from the keyboard to the mouse. It really makes my workload faster.

Check out this downloadable list and quickly navigate through your everyday tasks in Dynamics 365. I suggest starting with a few and see if you like them. You might find these to be time-savers too!

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