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Property Leasing & ASC 842

Can't make the Property Leasing & ASC 842 - webinar? Sign yourself up for a one-on-one demo by emailing us at [email protected] and enjoy how easy learning about our solution is.

New Lease Accounting Standards are on their way (ASC 842 and its’ IFRS cousin, IFRS 16). ASC 842 is meant to help users of financial statements get a complete and understandable picture of an entity’s leasing activities.

Both are going to drastically change financial statement preparation and presentation, most definitely affecting your everyday accounting.

Join us as our Solutions Consultant, Don Ramsay goes through

1) What exactly ASC 842 is
2) How this change affects your balance sheet presentation and operating leases
3) How it applies to both Lessors and Lessees
4) What the new 4 Step Criteria is for classifying leases

If for whatever reason you can't make the webinar, go ahead and sign up to receive the webinar and presentation after.

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Written by Maria Louie, Marketing Specialist, Binary Stream Software


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