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Microsoft GP 2018 – Document Attach in Summary

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    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 – Document Attach in Summary

    Learn all about the Document Attach feature and its importance

    In today’s article, we will be looking at the importance of document attachment. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 promises to enhance user experience and the Document Attach feature does exactly that. It enables users to attach multiple documents to Items, Customers, Vendors, Assets, and Transactions. The user gets easy and instant access to documents like W-9's, Contracts, Credit Reports, Customer POs, pictures, and more. Now, users do not need to search all over the place for a document, and instead can attach any document or even a link to a OneDrive site or SharePoint.

    Let us look at where you click to attach a document:

    Here is what an attachment window looks like, allowing you an unlimited number of attachments while also storing date/time/user stamps:

    In GP 2018, Document Attach added:

    • Receivables Transaction Inquiry Zoom
    • Journal Entry Inquiry
    • Transaction Entry Zoom Inquiry
    • Employee Inquiry
    • I-9 Form (No Corresponding Inquiry)
    • Asset General Information
    • Asset Inquiry Window


    In GP 2018, Notes added to:

    • Vendor Inquiry Window
    • Customer Inquiry Window
    • Project Inquiry Window
    • PA Project Inquiry Window


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