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Lose the filing cabinet, keep the information!

Dynamics GP has a great feature that goes a long way to becoming a paperless office. Using the Document Attach feature, you can attach any type of file to a master record or transaction inside of Dynamics GP. Three of the more common uses for this feature are:

  1. Attaching vendor invoices to the payable transaction in Dynamics GP means you never have to go back to the filing cabinet to retrieve the original invoice. If you are using Workflow, the approver email will have the scanned invoice attached.
  2. Attaching item warranty, specification sheets, or photos to the inventory item that can be included with an emailed customer quote or order.
  3. Attaching signed agreements or contracts to the vendor/customer records.

Document Attach has been available since Dynamics GP 2013 and is easy to set up. You do need to enable it (Administration Page > Company) and there is optional password protection to add or delete attachments. You can also set a maximum file size to control database bloat. The attachments get stored in the Dynamics GP company database, which means they are secure, backed up, and available to your Dynamics GP users.

How to use Document Attach

Once enabled, attach the document to the active record by clicking the Attach button in the toolbar, then browse to where your file is saved. Once attached, you can choose to add additional attributes to your attachment. This is optional but can be useful for categorizing your attachments to report on them later.


If there is a scanner attached to the workstation, the Document Attachment window has a Scan button to scan and attach to the current record in one-step. If you are looking to purchase a scanner, Microsoft reports that HP scanners work well. Other scanners may have some challenges with this “one-step” feature with multi-page documents. The mid-year product updates for Dynamics GP that will be released in July 2018 will correct this issue.

In Dynamics GP 2018 and later, posted documents can get document attachments added by bringing up the transaction in the Inquiry windows.

Using Smartlist to list your document attachments

How do you know which records have attachments? Using Smartlist Designer, create a custom smartlist and add the tables Document Attachment Master and Document Attachment Status to get a view of all your records that have attachments. The example in the screenshot below shows the record, attachment file name, any attributes added and the created date. This will even track deleted attachments.



Document Attach is available throughout the system in the Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, General Ledger and Fixed Asset modules. If you would like assistance setting up or using Document Attachment, contact the GP Support Team at Prophet Business Group.

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